Why Write Books?


People say writing is a dying art; everyone wants video. People say making a book is too difficult. But there is no better vehicle to transmit timeless stories and essential information to the generations behind us.

Books are legacy, passing the story of your life and what you’ve learned down to your descendants. Unlike a video, your great-great-grandchild won’t be aghast if it’s black and white or laugh at your haircut. Books are positioned among the stars, looking down at everything that comes after.

Books require imagination and it’s a muscle to be worked. Let the reader fill in the blanks and apply to their life.

Writing a book is like climbing Everest: You do it because it’s there. You do it because you want to share the top of the mountain. It’s solitary sport with huge social ramifications.

Writing is heroic and hard and beautiful. That’s why people will always do it.

Books are a great way to support business development, an impressive calling card whether you are a massage therapist or a CEO.

When you put “author” on your list of achievements, it signals you can go the distance, you don’t quit. Writing a book is a mind-marathon and only the committed should make the run. When you’re finished, the sense of accomplishment is profound and will last all the days you spend on Earth.

When your book touches one person, you feel a rare connection few get to feel. If that person happens to be a stranger, the feeling intensifies and takes on wonder.  We make books together; stories are invisible glue.

Why you shouldn’t write a book:

Money. There isn’t much unless you caught a pol doing something criminal or disgusting, and we may have jumped the shark on that one.

Fame. Nope. Do a porno or start a unicorn Instagram feed instead. Both are easier and take 1/100th of the time.

If a book is inside you, get it out. If you do, write to us. We’ll help you get wherever you want to go, from editing and covers to publicity and marketing.

Lisa Hagan, Founder and CEO  Lisa@lisahaganbooks.com

Beth Wareham, Founder and Editor-in-Chief  Beth@lisahaganbooks.com

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