In the airport in Bangor, Maine, the women’s room to be exact, (they NEVER let me in the men’s room), I saw something that froze my heart: Locked boxes on the wall that said “USED SYRINGES HERE.”

Really? There are THAT MANY diabetics in the Bangor, Maine area? It is possible, I suppose. And tragic. Being from New York City, syringes like that bespeak of heroin and crack addiction, loss, dirt, poverty, AIDS. This diabetes thing scares me.

So, here’s a list of foods to eat daily that help regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels. If I were you, I would whirl them up in these: It’s just really easy to drink your vegetables and may keep you away from the syringe box.

The top 10 foods for blood sugar stabilization. You’ll also be less anxious and more even tempered too.

1. Blueberries, fresh or no-sugar-added frozen
2. Avocado, my favorite base for green smoothies
3. Ground flax seeds – nutty tasting with a wonderful texture, grind before using
4. Ceylon cinnamon – insist on Ceylon, the lightest color of all the cinnamons. Order it to get the real
5. Mango
6. Tumeric – the yellow spice used in Indian cooking is a huge detoxifier. It has little flavor so use it.
7. Cherries – Bing cherries, pitted, fresh or frozen, no-sugar-added
8. Strawberries
9. Spinach
10. Sparkling waters

Enjoy. Oh, and did I tell you I lost 40 lbs eating these foods? Try it. You’ll love being called SKINNY

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Cherries Also Make Everybody Poop: More Skinny Green Smoothies

So, yesterday we learned that Mr. Celery belongs in your green smoothies because of the way he assists with elimination, another word for pooping.  Don’t just put him in juices: use celery in your thicker creations, the Skinny Green Smoothies.

But an inquiring mind might ask “what else makes me poop?” One of the answers to that question is CHERRIES. Glorious red Bing cherries, pitted with love, and plopped into the blender will get your trains moving on time.

Cherries are also rich in phytonutrients: Vibrant color means the fruit or vegetable has powerful abilities to clean out your cells and flush toxins from your body. That’s part of the pooping. Cleaning out cells keeps your body free of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. That’s why you should always reach for color in the produce section. Makes shopping easier, no?

Finally, cherries are full of melatonin and that helps you relax. Impossible, you say! No so. Because after you poop and the melatonin kicks in, you’ll be a lot more fun to be around.



And you mocked Mr. Celery: A Skinny Green Smoothie Because Everybody Poops

th-1Turns out Mr. Celery had your back all along. He’s boring unless stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese or bobbing around in a Bloody Mary.  But, while researching the Skinny Green Smoothie book, I found a lot of information about celery that made me respect it. Strange. After all these years, I break for celery.

 Let’s talk about what it does before it makes you poop. Celery has a completely safe, natural salt that even the most fragile of cardiac patients can eat. Celery lowers cholesterol, helps lower internal acidity to restore healthy pH levels, is full of phytochemical coumarins that help prevent the formation of stomach and colon cancer. Celery is a diuretic, getting out all your excess water and bloat. Yeah, you’ll pee and poop.

 This isn’t in the Skinny Green Smoothie book. It’s a special one for you. To help you, you know…..


This should be a sweet green smoothie because the salty nature of celery will make it even more delicious. 

2 stalks celery, including leaves, washed, ends trimmed and roughly chopped

1 cup spinach

Water, as needed

1 cup strawberries, washed and hulled

Honey to taste


1. Put the celery and spinach in the blender and cover with water. Process until the ingredients are broken down. 

2. Add the strawberries and honey and, with the motor running, drop the ice through the blender top. Serve


So, stop making fun of Mr. Celery. He loves you and has your back. Smoothiecover