Something Kinda Dirty About ‘Em: Bell Peppers Sucked Up a Straw

I don’t put green, yellow or red peppers in my smoothies or juices, as you can plainly see here:

I just don’t like the way they taste whirled with the other ingredients I require in a smoothie. If you slip me a smoothie with raw broccoli, I’ll buck like a wild ass. Peppers come in at an icky #2.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them to green smoothies, if you like them. Despite the feel of moist pith, peppers have massive amounts of vitamin C, more than oranges. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – one cleans out the body from skin to cells and the other brings down internal swelling in joints and elsewhere – are huge. And these wonder nutrients are destroyed by high heat. Consume raw.

You want RIPE bell peppers. Oh, can do you tell? you howl. Their vitamin content is at its highest when ripe and that’s pretty high. The only veggie that can come near bell peppers in nutrition is a fruit – – Mr. Tomato. A ripe bell pepper may change from green to red. It may not. The color deepens, though, and the vegetable should feel heavy and dense in the hand. You can leave peppers ripening in a brown bag for up to 10 days after bringing home from the market.

Put chunks of ripe pepper in your next green smoothie. I’d slip it into avocado-based drinks. Don’t be like me; be smart and use this superfood. And if you garden, grow as many as you can.

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I was just living a regular life, eating crap and lounging, when I mistakenly brought a banana home from Ralph’s.

That banana had the the face of Abraham Lincoln burned in his side. He spoke to me and said, “You, stop being so lazy and fat.” I was so embarrassed. Abraham. Damn. Lincoln.

I vowed then and there to stop being fat. So, I started drinking a green smoothie a day. At first, I drank one as a snack. Then, I substituted a meal for a green smoothie. Then two. I felt great. I couldn’t stop. I drank more and wrote this

Bananas and avocados are both go-to fruits that bind green smoothies together. Here is how to make your choice

1. Avocados have the least calories. If you are trying to lose
weight, rely on them more than bananas at the beginning of your smoothie-making.

2. Bananas -green being the least calories and ripe the most,
– bananas have more calories than avocado but have wonderful nourishing vitamins
for muscles. If you exercise and burn calories, a banana is perfect for you.

3. Plantains If you are an athlete, plantains are the best of
all. They have the most calories but enormous nutritional power. Eat ripe,
soft black ones.

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