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I’ve been haunted by cupcakes, those extra sugary ones from Magnolia Bakery that taste like your Mom’s cupcakes on steroids. I used to order them for the office every chance I got, but no one was fooled. They knew I was an addict.

I’ve know HUGELY talented achieving people who are also sugar addicts. I had an author who used to sneak in the side door of Duane Read so her neighbors wouldn’t see her buying cookies everyday. I know a woman who, every time she started a new diet, she locked herself in the pantry and ate a half dozen donuts. My best male friend has a deep fear being cut out of his car with the jaws of life – only to be found clutching the wheel AND a Little Debbie snack cake.  We are all haunted people.

The bottom line with sugar is that it is an addiction. Some can pick it up and put it down (like those people who smoke a cigarette a week, the jerks) but most cannot. Sugar takes you on a ride just like alcohol – up/down, up/down – mimicking a mood disorder.  I mean, why would you go out and willingly catch a MOOD DISORDER? You wouldn’t and without facing your sugar problem head on, you’ll spike and crash endlessly and those extra 20 lbs may never come off.

The good news is that once your stop eating it, you no longer want it. In Rena Greenberg’s EASY SUGAR BREAK-UP , she gives you the latest tools to break sugar addiction. A simple two-week detox is followed by whole clean foods and movement. She supports this with the latest CBD oil products to balance blood sugar and ease anxiety that leads to emotional eating. Recipes are written for simple, quick meals that will satisfy a family.

If you can beat being haunted by cupcakes and cookies and such, you have a good shot at beating the battle of the muffin top. You’ll have more energy, better mood, and lose weight. Do it for a couple days and you’ll say, “Sugar who?”

To buy Rena Greenberg’s Easy Sugar Break-Up, click on the title.

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imagesAll over America, cute, yet strangely unattractive moms, are refusing to leave the couch at the dinner hour. Why? Cooking nightly gets on their nerves. Sometimes, they just want to do some other shit that isn’t cooking. Watch Homeland, maybe, or start an online business.

Here are 5 quick meals that rely on 2 things: 1) Your vegetables are delivered in a #green #smoothie that you whirl up in 45 seconds and 2) You follow up with a piece of clean, lean protein that usually takes less than 5 minutes to cook.

So, by our Mom Math, we see that 5 minutes + 45 seconds = Dinner is an excellent formula.

1. Make your own smoothie, instructions are all over the interwebs. Or buy a book. Here’s one All of them are pretty good, though, when it comes to recipes. Give your family their greens.

2. Broil, bake or saute any of the following. None take more than 5 minutes. Serve alongside the #smoothie: Turkey burger; boneless, skinless chicken breast; veggie or tofu burger; 6-oz salmon or any fish filet, fish-fingered or not; boiled shrimp; turkey or chicken whole wheat wraps; chicken sausages, split and grilled; or sliced lunch meats piled high atop toasted whole wheat English muffins.

Perfectionism is not fun nor is it necessary when it comes to feeding your family. Health is. That #green #smoothie will do more to fuel the things you love than you can ever imagine. It also takes the heat off the rest of the meal: Simple protein completes the nutrition.

Return to couch. Wonder what Saul and Carrie are up to…..Start a competitor to #NastyGirl.

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Unknown-11. SLEEP – If you need 8 or 9 hours, make sure you get it. Nothing makes you binge eat quicker than exhaustion. You just can’t fill that hole where the zzzzzzs go.

2. DRINK –   Every time you want a snack  make one of these.  (CLICK HERE) They take  45 seconds to 1 minute to prepare. New and healthy ingredients flow into the house when you are on the smoothie trail. The milkshake quality feels like a treat and the nutrition keeps you full and feeling good, something you probably aren’t that used to.  In between these “stealth health” smoothie snacks, drink water. Lots. Put slices of lemon and cucumber in it. Drink it with your pinky in the air.

3.  EAT – Eat lots of foods with color. White foods such as flour, potatoes, pasta and refined sugar will do you in before your time. It’s that simple and it’s your choice. Green, red, yellow and orange should paint your plate.

4.  LAUGH – Modern life has simply created more stress than our bodies know how to process. You have to give up some of the worry if you want to really live. (Colbert, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and John Oliver are good too.) Visualization, mindfulness, meditation and naps can all lead you into the rest zone.  Stress releases cortisol which sends globs of fat to the middle of the body. You have to lower stress levels to lower cortisol levels to lower belly fat levels. So laugh. Blow it off. Go surfing. Tomorrow is another day.

5.  LIVE – All this fat business is boring. Stop thinking so much about it. Do one thing today to lessen your caloric intake. Do one thing tomorrow that gets you a little rest. Be easy on yourself.  You are the one that needs to be happy with your body, no one else.

And me? Some fat is okay because I’m going for really strong.

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You Know What the Wisdom of Menopause Is? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

imagesMenopause is the world’s biggest con. Thirty-year old women, well-seasoned at childbirth, would fling themselves from water towers if they knew the humiliating, sleepless sweat-fest in store for them. Being peed and pooped on by children is nothing compared to breaking into a fop sweat on stage during a presentation. “Oh, just towel her off and keep going,” joked the CEO. Like NEVER. The day we shatter menopause is the day we shatter the glass ceiling.

Not an OB/GYN on the planet seemed to have ideas on how to mitigate my symptoms. The press, reporting on medical news, seemed to only offer sensationalized, contradictory material. Born into a family full of women dead of breast cancer, my options were tight.

Then, I did something revolutionary. <ironical statement>  I used food. I looked up the foods I really, really needed as my body was oozing estrogen and sweat. I figured out that for me, magnesium (as in MILK OF…) soothed my jumpiness and helped me sleep. When I got sleep, I didn’t seem to feel creepy in my skin the next day. And, if my skin didn’t creep, I wouldn’t sweat as much.

I looked up magnesium and found that spinach sat at the top of the list. Of great. You have to bring a wheelbarrow of the stuff home to cook up 2 servings. But  raw? It lasts forever. Knowing I would tire of spinach salads by Wednesday, I took to the blender.

I wrote this http://amzn.to/1wsBvMt   Sure, it’s got a weight-loss title but it’s also a book about easing menopause symptoms because that’s what I had to do when I wrote it. Here, my sweaty lovely ladies are the foods to cram into your blender, at least twice a day, until you rid yourself of that dreadful “natural process.”

Here are my favorite five:

1. Raw spinach (a cup in every smoothie you make)

2. Banana (1/2 at a time to keep calories down)

3. Avocado (1/2 at a time and great for savory smoothies)

4. Cashews, Almonds and Peanuts   (Use first two as a nut milks, add peanut butter by the tablespoon)

5. Dark chocolate  (Use 75 – 80% fat cacao powder. It cleans out cells and helps with water retention.)

During peri-menopause, you’ll have to fight the good fight. Get aggressive with doctors, read, exercise a lot. Menopause is serious business and don’t you let anyone tell you it isn’t. Besides, no one can stand with their head in the freezer for two years. I tried.

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Stop Being Stupid about Protein: 5 Clean Substitutes That Don’t Kill Chickens


Oh, lean white meat is just fine. The only problem is it takes like NOTHING. I burn my chicken just so it will have some sort of flavor and I know I’m alive.

Here are some other ideas that can hold their weight with the dreaded skinless, boneless

1. Romaine lettuce: 50% protein and 18% healthy fat by calories makes it more protein-rich than a chicken breast.

2. Avocado – It’s a fruit and it has more protein than cow’s milk. Enough said.

3. Ounce of almonds – Thats 14 grams of fat or about 1/2 of an average woman’s intake per day or 25 grams.

4. Flax Seed: Buy a bag of unground seeds. It lasts forever. Grind before putting into your smoothie: l cup has 12 grams of your protein needs. Put in a tablespoon in your smoothie and you are on your way to meeting daily requirements.

5. Homemade cashew milk – 6 grams of protein per serving (remember girls, you need 25 grams) and so fresh and delicious, it changes your outlook on life. Here are great instructions for homemade cashew milk:


Let’s give the chickens a few days off. Let’s give our tastebuds something besides those flavorless, skinless boneless boobs. I worry that eating so much of them makes us dumb as chickens and certainly contributes to our methane gas problems. Cow farts. Chicken farts. People farts, I suppose.

Poor Earth.

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No, they are not part of your book group.


These beauties are here because of their diet: Greens and oats. The #greens in green #smoothies you have covered – spinach, kale – but the oats are problematic.

Not so. Take 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats (the good kind that really does cut into cholesterol), put it into your blender first and grind away. You can have your oat-laced smoothie as chunky or smooth as you’d like. Add the rest of your ingredients to the powdery – or not – oatmeal.

I believe oatmeal goes best with a base of banana or yogurt, but hey, it’s your smoothie.

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In the airport in Bangor, Maine, the women’s room to be exact, (they NEVER let me in the men’s room), I saw something that froze my heart: Locked boxes on the wall that said “USED SYRINGES HERE.”

Really? There are THAT MANY diabetics in the Bangor, Maine area? It is possible, I suppose. And tragic. Being from New York City, syringes like that bespeak of heroin and crack addiction, loss, dirt, poverty, AIDS. This diabetes thing scares me.

So, here’s a list of foods to eat daily that help regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels. If I were you, I would whirl them up in these: http://amzn.to/1utbLih It’s just really easy to drink your vegetables and may keep you away from the syringe box.

The top 10 foods for blood sugar stabilization. You’ll also be less anxious and more even tempered too.

1. Blueberries, fresh or no-sugar-added frozen
2. Avocado, my favorite base for green smoothies
3. Ground flax seeds – nutty tasting with a wonderful texture, grind before using
4. Ceylon cinnamon – insist on Ceylon, the lightest color of all the cinnamons. Order it to get the real
5. Mango
6. Tumeric – the yellow spice used in Indian cooking is a huge detoxifier. It has little flavor so use it.
7. Cherries – Bing cherries, pitted, fresh or frozen, no-sugar-added
8. Strawberries
9. Spinach
10. Sparkling waters

Enjoy. Oh, and did I tell you I lost 40 lbs eating these foods? Try it. You’ll love being called SKINNY

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Something Kinda Dirty About ‘Em: Bell Peppers Sucked Up a Straw

I don’t put green, yellow or red peppers in my smoothies or juices, as you can plainly see here: http://ow.ly/CgkNy.

I just don’t like the way they taste whirled with the other ingredients I require in a smoothie. If you slip me a smoothie with raw broccoli, I’ll buck like a wild ass. Peppers come in at an icky #2.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them to green smoothies, if you like them. Despite the feel of moist pith, peppers have massive amounts of vitamin C, more than oranges. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – one cleans out the body from skin to cells and the other brings down internal swelling in joints and elsewhere – are huge. And these wonder nutrients are destroyed by high heat. Consume raw.

You want RIPE bell peppers. Oh, can do you tell? you howl. Their vitamin content is at its highest when ripe and that’s pretty high. The only veggie that can come near bell peppers in nutrition is a fruit – – Mr. Tomato. A ripe bell pepper may change from green to red. It may not. The color deepens, though, and the vegetable should feel heavy and dense in the hand. You can leave peppers ripening in a brown bag for up to 10 days after bringing home from the market.

Put chunks of ripe pepper in your next green smoothie. I’d slip it into avocado-based drinks. Don’t be like me; be smart and use this superfood. And if you garden, grow as many as you can.

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