Something Kinda Dirty About ‘Em: Bell Peppers Sucked Up a Straw

I don’t put green, yellow or red peppers in my smoothies or juices, as you can plainly see here:

I just don’t like the way they taste whirled with the other ingredients I require in a smoothie. If you slip me a smoothie with raw broccoli, I’ll buck like a wild ass. Peppers come in at an icky #2.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them to green smoothies, if you like them. Despite the feel of moist pith, peppers have massive amounts of vitamin C, more than oranges. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – one cleans out the body from skin to cells and the other brings down internal swelling in joints and elsewhere – are huge. And these wonder nutrients are destroyed by high heat. Consume raw.

You want RIPE bell peppers. Oh, can do you tell? you howl. Their vitamin content is at its highest when ripe and that’s pretty high. The only veggie that can come near bell peppers in nutrition is a fruit – – Mr. Tomato. A ripe bell pepper may change from green to red. It may not. The color deepens, though, and the vegetable should feel heavy and dense in the hand. You can leave peppers ripening in a brown bag for up to 10 days after bringing home from the market.

Put chunks of ripe pepper in your next green smoothie. I’d slip it into avocado-based drinks. Don’t be like me; be smart and use this superfood. And if you garden, grow as many as you can.

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And you mocked Mr. Celery: A Skinny Green Smoothie Because Everybody Poops

th-1Turns out Mr. Celery had your back all along. He’s boring unless stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese or bobbing around in a Bloody Mary.  But, while researching the Skinny Green Smoothie book, I found a lot of information about celery that made me respect it. Strange. After all these years, I break for celery.

 Let’s talk about what it does before it makes you poop. Celery has a completely safe, natural salt that even the most fragile of cardiac patients can eat. Celery lowers cholesterol, helps lower internal acidity to restore healthy pH levels, is full of phytochemical coumarins that help prevent the formation of stomach and colon cancer. Celery is a diuretic, getting out all your excess water and bloat. Yeah, you’ll pee and poop.

 This isn’t in the Skinny Green Smoothie book. It’s a special one for you. To help you, you know…..


This should be a sweet green smoothie because the salty nature of celery will make it even more delicious. 

2 stalks celery, including leaves, washed, ends trimmed and roughly chopped

1 cup spinach

Water, as needed

1 cup strawberries, washed and hulled

Honey to taste


1. Put the celery and spinach in the blender and cover with water. Process until the ingredients are broken down. 

2. Add the strawberries and honey and, with the motor running, drop the ice through the blender top. Serve


So, stop making fun of Mr. Celery. He loves you and has your back. Smoothiecover