imagesAll over America, cute, yet strangely unattractive moms, are refusing to leave the couch at the dinner hour. Why? Cooking nightly gets on their nerves. Sometimes, they just want to do some other shit that isn’t cooking. Watch Homeland, maybe, or start an online business.

Here are 5 quick meals that rely on 2 things: 1) Your vegetables are delivered in a #green #smoothie that you whirl up in 45 seconds and 2) You follow up with a piece of clean, lean protein that usually takes less than 5 minutes to cook.

So, by our Mom Math, we see that 5 minutes + 45 seconds = Dinner is an excellent formula.

1. Make your own smoothie, instructions are all over the interwebs. Or buy a book. Here’s one All of them are pretty good, though, when it comes to recipes. Give your family their greens.

2. Broil, bake or saute any of the following. None take more than 5 minutes. Serve alongside the #smoothie: Turkey burger; boneless, skinless chicken breast; veggie or tofu burger; 6-oz salmon or any fish filet, fish-fingered or not; boiled shrimp; turkey or chicken whole wheat wraps; chicken sausages, split and grilled; or sliced lunch meats piled high atop toasted whole wheat English muffins.

Perfectionism is not fun nor is it necessary when it comes to feeding your family. Health is. That #green #smoothie will do more to fuel the things you love than you can ever imagine. It also takes the heat off the rest of the meal: Simple protein completes the nutrition.

Return to couch. Wonder what Saul and Carrie are up to…..Start a competitor to #NastyGirl.

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I have struggled with alcohol, my weight, how I fold my sheets, why I can’t remember to pick up milk or swing by the dry cleaners. I have also enjoyed addictions to specific men. What I have never understood, though, is what sends me over the edge. I go from “person who might be addicted” to “addicted as hell” in three seconds flat.

Then I wrote this book.  For the first time since puberty probably, I was off sugar. I didn’t want it. Didn’t think about it. More importantly, other dogs of addiction stopped barking as well. I didn’t get all high on sugar and start saying and doing stupid stuff.  I could have saved a bunch of money at Passages Malibu if someone had told me this shit.

So, I’m telling you: Watch the sugar. Watch your moods. Watch your behaviors. After the sugar changes your mood you are probably saying and doing destructive things. This is how we fix it.  

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WHAT COUGARS WANT: Follow this dude home



This guy really turns me on:

It is because I just finished writing this book:


I don’t care if he’s ugly from the front. I don’t care if he lives in a recycled shipping container. I just know he’s got the greens and I’ve got the blender and tons of speeds. My credit is so good I have the Lexus of blenders.  I’ve also got vintage Yves St Laurent to tote it in. 


He’s young and I’m older and that means fun.  OH BABY, LET’S WHIRL 


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 After writing a book that relies on fresh vegetables, I look for visuals that draw you in. Everyone does it these days

In my searches, images hurl from a distant pass reminding me of dittos, film strips, handouts and logos of yore. Retro, delightful, sweet.

But what’s up with the cucumber in this vegetable clip art? That guy knows he is going somewhere DARK. Look at his face. The asparagus looks concerned but knows he’s not wide enough. The pear and tomato are a little bug eyed but the cucumber’s mouth is wide open! Whatever black hole is bearing down on these vegetables, it seems to be accelerating towards him.

Dirty old clip art.

I’m Afraid of Raw Bok Choy: Skinny Green Smoothies

How can I be afraid of something so cute? But I want these greens sautéed. Raw scares me and I had my husband try and got YEAH ITS GOOD when I wrote the ebook. Now I give the challenge to you. Come to @skinnysmoothies on twitter and tell me how it goes. I’m the @giantsweettart but that where I talk something AND ribaldry. 

Bok Choy Pineapple Cucumber Green Smoothie

Bok Choy is also known as “Chinese cabbage” and is a bitter green somewhere in taste between older kale leaves and dandelion greens. Coconut water and pineapple adds sweetness and just a teaspoon of sesame oil adds richness.

            2 stalks celery with leaves, ends trimmed and cut into chunks

            1 cup pineapple chunks or frozen, no-sugar added

            ½ cucumber, seeded and cut into chunks

            1 bananas, peeled and cut into chunks

            Coconut water or water, as needed

            10 bok choy leaves

            1 teaspoon sesame oil

            1-2 tablespoons chia or ground flax seeds



  1. Add the celery stalks, pineapple, cucumber and banana, to the blender. Add coconut water or water to cover. Blend until smooth.
  2. Add the bok choy, oil, chia or flax seeds and additional liquid to cover. Blend.
  3. With the motor running, drop in the ice cubes one at a time until the desired consistency is reached.


Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Low-Glycemic Index, Raw, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Corn-free


Tip in box: Use the thick white stems of bok choy in your green smoothies. There is lots of nutrition and fiber there.

Does EVERYTHING have to be raw: Skinny Green Smoothies for foodies

Writing any kind of book is a strange experience. You learn all kinds of things AFTER you do it that you wish you had known before. Maybe you can’t see MACRO while whirling away in the MICRO of your blender, but there is something bigger going on here with this smoothie thing.

 First, it’s about ONE HAND. Being able to take in high-level nutrition while texting your Mother or BFF is a true innovation. Green smoothies provide this delivery service. I don’t think it’s as cool as Uber or Washio, but cool, you know, nevertheless.

 Second, does it ALL have to be raw? No, no it does not. Greens should be raw but what of other ingredients? Can I use my cook’s knowledge to make these nutritional delivery devices — that allow me to text constantly, by the way – taste better?

 Yes I can. I am not the Raw Family, for goodness sake. I know how to boost flavor by toasting dried spices in hot dry pan for 45 seconds. So I do it. Cinnamon and nutmeg flavor explode in my drinks.

 Why can’t I give my fruits a minute on the grill to carmelize natural sugars and create something more interesting for my tongue? I can if I want, so I do. I grill peaches with raw lavender honey or brush pineapple with mango and lime juice and sear it good. Then, and only then, does the blender whirl.

 Loosen up with the raw thing. This is bigger than all of us. This is about convenience and our lifestyle and our need for healthy greens. You can lay some other toasted flavors over the raw and I suggest you do. Green smoothies should also be about great tasting food.


Peach Festival Smoothie

 1 peach, halved and pitted

1 tablespoon raw or lavender honey

2 cups spinach

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Black or green tea as needed


1. Brush the peach halves with honey. Grill for 45 seconds to 1 minute over a hot fire or grill pan.

2. Add the grilled peaches to the blender with the spinach and cinnamon. Cover with tea and blend, dropping ice down through the top of the blender. Serve.


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WHY WE LOVE SMOOTHIES AND TACOS….Maybe it’s the phones…….


I have a lot of really smart friends. They hang around with me because I’m funny and can cook. Tonight, I was hanging out with Bud Kennedy – he writes the “Good Eats’ column for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram – and he said “food is all about what you can hold in one hand…so you can TEXT. Just look on the TCU food website. Kids want food you can eat with one hand to keep the other hand free on the phone.”

It was a breakthrough moment for me. Now I realized why certain foods had become so popular in recent years…it was about one-handed foods – of which the green smoothie is one. Tacos are another. Wraps and rice balls rolled around in my mind as well.  Think about it. Makes sense. 

So then I decided we needed a special recipe for this. So here it is, below:


2 cups spinach

1 peach, halved and pitted

1 stalk celery, trimmed and roughly chopped 

Cashew milk, preferably homemade   (cashews are zinc-city and will clear pimples off young face like POW!)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon



1. Put the spinach, peach and celery in the blender. Cover with cashew milk and blend until smooth, dropping ice cubes through the top of the blender until the desired consistency is reached. Serve

If you don’t know how to make cashew milk, you’ll find all the interesting nut milks in Skinny Green Smoothies. Give it try.

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KEEP THE CONTROL CENTER CLEAN: Detox the Brain with Skinny Green Smoothies




Sorry to keep thumping on the brain thing, but there’ another fact I learned from my health guru, Dr Mark Hyman – you can find him here at  Toxins come in through your mouth and skin and move through your body in your blood. There is no blood barrier between your body and brain so all those heavy metals, pesticides, plastic molecules and pollution flow through that most important of all organs, your master control center.

Like anything that grows dirty, you need to give it a good cleaning. That means detoxification. That means increased metabolism (weight loss) and elimination (peeing and pooping to the layman). Yeah. Flush that bad stuff out!

The foods you need to be putting in your green smoothies with regularity are citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and lime; herbs, especially cilantro and parsley, walnut pieces, beet greens, cabbage, kale, lemongrass, celery, ginger, green tea (a great base liquid) and turmeric. 

The more delicious the combinations of these foods you can whirl into a green smoothie, the easier it will be for you to stay interested in detox: It will taste good. The better the combinations, the more you will make, flushing your body out on a consistent basis. The more you flush out your body, the cleaner your brain will be.  Thoughts may still be dirty, but those thoughts will be clear.

Life is fast these days. You can’t afford an unfocused muddy mind. Drink green smoothies and go clear.

Change How Your DNA Metabolizes Fat: Skinny Green Smoothies as Self-Love


Somehow, the image above lurks just beyond the consciousness of many women. We are not her, but we are afraid of being her. Maybe she’s inside us just DYING to pop out. 

She’s not. I swear. I am a woman in the middle of her life and have never had a better body. I actually am much better looking in my 50s than in my 20s, when I was a model. 6’2″ and coming in at 130. Then I ballooned to over 200. Then I came back down to 160. Then, my weight shot to….well, you get the idea.

I got a real career (modeling = free money) and started learning some facts about health. My guru (everybody needs one, baby!) is Dr. Mark Hyman He told me that eating certain ingredients had an impact on your health in the next minutes, hours, days, and years. He told me that eating the right foods literally gave your body instructions to activate DNA that burns fat faster. Keep eating those ingredients and your DNA will continue to receive the signals, ultimately changing over to the new, faster fat-burning system. You literally change your body’s structure, your DNA. 

I started drinking green smoothies and darned if it didn’t work. A month into writing and testing the cookbook, my pimples cleared and that last annoying ring of waist fat fell away. Sure I was working hard but I felt balanced, calm and <gasp!> HAPPY.  That’s the real payoff: the way you feel about you.




What’s Bugging You is Never What You Think It Is: Skinny Green Smoothies


I’ve eaten, drank and smoked a lot of questionable things in my life. I’m a baby boomer – on the very cusp of the younger side, of course! – but I’ve been hard on my body. I’ve always exercised, played sports, and got hammered. It’s what I did for YEARS.

The toll of all this carousing was not what you might imagine. I didn’t have compromised lungs, my liver wasn’t coughing and my kidneys could still dance.  What I had was a whole bunch of toxins flowing through my brain.  The rest of my body seemed able to metabolize the hell I threw at it. My brain did not.  I was confused, sticky notes had become my magic rabbit’s foot against chaos and I felt like shit. 

So on, with feeling, I changed. I began eating vegetarian meals 3 nights a week. That turned into vegetarian lunches as well. It was just easier. Then I started this publishing company (oh, who hasn’t!, you think) and decided to write a book about green smoothies because that’s all I had time for at lunch. 

When you write a book about something, it’s best to be deeply involved. Thus, I began whirling my way toward more clarity, less blubber around the waist and more stability and quiet in my head. I didn’t feel as impulsive because I wasn’t having cravings. There was a flow. I slowly began to trust my brain more. I didn’t have to use all the sticky notes. I had short term memory! Could these green drinks do this? Yes, they could. 

I speak to all women when I say this: brain is better than boobs, vagina, hair, shoes, handbags AND hair combined. Brain is the one thing you will never be able to go without.  Brain is what makes you who you are. Feed it. Feed it a lot. With words and notes and pictures and most importantly…… 


 Try it. You’ll be amazed at how much you trust your brain to do its magic again.