Divorce Parties Make Marriage Worth It

Ever been to a divorce party? Often times,  they’re much more interesting than the marriage whose ending they mark.

In The Divorce Party: 12 Steps to a Celebrate the New You , filmmakers turned first-time

authors Mark Famiglietti and Lane Garrison give every divorcing person 12 simple steps to creating the most fabulous, funniest party to mark an end and celebrate a beginning.  And why not? Everyone who has made the finish line KNOWS they deserve a party.

Publishing right into the heavy divorce time (it starts up every year the day after Valentine’s Day) and in plenty of time for the companion film’s summer release, The Divorce Party is sheer how-to with a wink and a smile, a reminder to make that lemonade in the face of struggle.

While this party has many of the aspects of other parties, it is unforgettable in most other ways — invites, dress, decorations, and mood.  The “ex” might be a part of the scene or never mentioned. A Las Vegas party went on for three days and included countless changes of clothes. Another divorce party was on a fishing boat (aluminum fishing boat).

Any spot can be the site of a great divorce party. All it takes is the will and imagination. And, if you can go to all the trouble of getting married, put some effort and get unmarried with style.

Grab a copy of this nifty little book or buy it for a friend and help them start planning. It will take their mind off of who gets the house.

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I Stepped on Eudora Welty

Unknown-1Yup, I stepped right on her. She was about this age too. How a woman this old was left on the floor in the aisle of Vanderbilt’s theater, I do not know. She yelped, rose and walked off. A man with one hair hissed “Euuuuudooora!” I tell you, from the way this woman got off the floor, she had a core of steel, even at her age. Good haunch muscles as well. My imagination whispered “she got it climbing on the backs’ of mules,” but she probably had a DVD tape. I refuse to posit that Eudora had a trainer.

Here are decidedly two different cover takes on her most magnificent book: the collection of short stories Unknown-2 Here’s one art director’s vision of the book, a magnificent one I might add.

Here is the world of another designer:

Unknown-4Both are great; both are true. The story Eudora read the day I stepped on her could have come from either of these cover models at the moment they turned from girl to woman.   Angry at their husbands, they leave the house early, disappear unexpectedly. The husbands cry foul. Menfolk rally around him and they dredge the river for the wife.  They find nothing in the river.

It isn’t until the husbands hit the front stoop that the treasure is brought up: The wife, returned home, admonishing her husband to never ignore her again, returns to his arms.

Sound like any other stories you know?

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