Recently, we all saw Ebola survivors donating their recently toughened blood to save the lives of those in the throes of this horrific thing. The antibodies created in the blood of survivors is injected into the sick. The sick then become well.

While there is no science to support this next theory (nobody but beekeepers can get rich), there is plenty of other evidence: Eating raw honey eases seasonal allergies. Just ask Grandma.

Why? Well, bees flit from flower to flower. The pollen sticks to their wee heads and legs and things. They fly home and work it into honey. Ingested raw (that’s always the kind of honey you want to buy: RAW), these bits of pollen and bee help your body build up resistance to the inflamed tubing some people call “Fall.”

I learned about all this while writing this: It pretty much made the whole thing worth it because I eat raw honey now. I don’t lose 3 months a year to a horrific “cold” known as seasonal allergies.

RAW HONEY, dummy. Einstein KNEW.

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Cherries Also Make Everybody Poop: More Skinny Green Smoothies

So, yesterday we learned that Mr. Celery belongs in your green smoothies because of the way he assists with elimination, another word for pooping. ┬áDon’t just put him in juices: use celery in your thicker creations, the Skinny Green Smoothies.

But an inquiring mind might ask “what else makes me poop?” One of the answers to that question is CHERRIES. Glorious red Bing cherries, pitted with love, and plopped into the blender will get your trains moving on time.

Cherries are also rich in phytonutrients: Vibrant color means the fruit or vegetable has powerful abilities to clean out your cells and flush toxins from your body. That’s part of the pooping. Cleaning out cells keeps your body free of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. That’s why you should always reach for color in the produce section. Makes shopping easier, no?

Finally, cherries are full of melatonin and that helps you relax. Impossible, you say! No so. Because after you poop and the melatonin kicks in, you’ll be a lot more fun to be around.