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I’ve edited or promoted three editions of the Joy of Cooking as well as Bobby Flay, Danielle Boulud, Mark Bittman, Dr Mark Hyman, etc, and have probably written and edited 25 more cookbooks. What I see, unilaterally, with every new eating trend or innovation is that it dies as the flavor dies. People just need interesting things to eat to make life interesting. Food is one of the simplest ways to cheer someone up. So, make it taste good.

Too many green smoothies taste like the front yard. Too many smoothie advocates are so used to that green/lemon tartness they don’t want other flavor, but my bet is that you do. We are not woodland animals, at least not now. We have more sophisticated palates than the #greensmoothie people give us credit for.

The following are 10 ways to jack up the flavors of you drinks. It may add 30 seconds to 2 minutes to your preparation time, but your smoothie will be jacked and the best in the yard.

1. Melt 1 – 2 ounce fine dark chocolate with high fat content in a double boiler. Add to the smoothie just before you add the ice. Blend and then blend in extra ice to compensate for heat in the chocolate. MILKSHAKE TIME.

2. Grill fruits. That’s right, a slightly charred peach or apricot transforms a smoothie.

3. Use frozen red grapes. This is a perfect summer move and changes the temperature and texture of the smoothie. It will also bring that great red grape health to the drinker.

4. In a small dry frying pan over medium heat, stir your Ceylon cinnamon and turmeric (anti-inflammatory giants) for 1 to 2 minutes or until highly fragrant. Add to smoothie before you add the ice to compensate for the heat. You just may need a few extra cubes.

5. Use flavored teas that accentuate the main ingredient of your smoothie. Instead of adding lemon, use a lemon-flavored tea. If you are making a chocolate smoothie, you can add a complementary flavor such as a raspberry or orange tea as your base liquid.

6. Grow fresh herbs you cannot find in your local grocery. Thai basil is amazing in green smoothies, so is fresh lemongrass, chamomile and verbena. If you can’t find it, grow it.

7. Add liquid homeopathic drops such as valerian for sleepiness or passionflower for insomnia and pain. These drops are sold with or without alcohol, which is moot given how little you will use. Just make sure it tastes good to you and is a remedy that will assist with any issues you have from sleeplessness to anxiety and inflammation.

8. Make your own almond milk – here’s a great recipe http://bit.ly/UgRmxQ and your own cashew milk with this recipe here http://bit.ly/1iUJRav

And of course, ALL the recipes are in here: Skinny Green Smoothies – just click on the title to buy.


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Stop Being Stupid about Protein: 5 Clean Substitutes That Don’t Kill Chickens


Oh, lean white meat is just fine. The only problem is it takes like NOTHING. I burn my chicken just so it will have some sort of flavor and I know I’m alive.

Here are some other ideas that can hold their weight with the dreaded skinless, boneless

1. Romaine lettuce: 50% protein and 18% healthy fat by calories makes it more protein-rich than a chicken breast.

2. Avocado – It’s a fruit and it has more protein than cow’s milk. Enough said.

3. Ounce of almonds – Thats 14 grams of fat or about 1/2 of an average woman’s intake per day or 25 grams.

4. Flax Seed: Buy a bag of unground seeds. It lasts forever. Grind before putting into your smoothie: l cup has 12 grams of your protein needs. Put in a tablespoon in your smoothie and you are on your way to meeting daily requirements.

5. Homemade cashew milk – 6 grams of protein per serving (remember girls, you need 25 grams) and so fresh and delicious, it changes your outlook on life. Here are great instructions for homemade cashew milk:


Let’s give the chickens a few days off. Let’s give our tastebuds something besides those flavorless, skinless boneless boobs. I worry that eating so much of them makes us dumb as chickens and certainly contributes to our methane gas problems. Cow farts. Chicken farts. People farts, I suppose.

Poor Earth.

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No, they are not part of your book group.


These beauties are here because of their diet: Greens and oats. The #greens in green #smoothies you have covered – spinach, kale – but the oats are problematic.

Not so. Take 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats (the good kind that really does cut into cholesterol), put it into your blender first and grind away. You can have your oat-laced smoothie as chunky or smooth as you’d like. Add the rest of your ingredients to the powdery – or not – oatmeal.

I believe oatmeal goes best with a base of banana or yogurt, but hey, it’s your smoothie.

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I was just living a regular life, eating crap and lounging, when I mistakenly brought a banana home from Ralph’s.

That banana had the the face of Abraham Lincoln burned in his side. He spoke to me and said, “You, stop being so lazy and fat.” I was so embarrassed. Abraham. Damn. Lincoln.

I vowed then and there to stop being fat. So, I started drinking a green smoothie a day. At first, I drank one as a snack. Then, I substituted a meal for a green smoothie. Then two. I felt great. I couldn’t stop. I drank more and wrote this http://amzn.to/1uFsHna

Bananas and avocados are both go-to fruits that bind green smoothies together. Here is how to make your choice

1. Avocados have the least calories. If you are trying to lose
weight, rely on them more than bananas at the beginning of your smoothie-making.

2. Bananas -green being the least calories and ripe the most,
– bananas have more calories than avocado but have wonderful nourishing vitamins
for muscles. If you exercise and burn calories, a banana is perfect for you.

3. Plantains If you are an athlete, plantains are the best of
all. They have the most calories but enormous nutritional power. Eat ripe,
soft black ones.

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HUNGOVER? This #Smoothie Is the Cure

If you drink large amounts of alcohol on any one given day – or just enough so that you feel happy and the next day, well, sad – you need The Hangover #Smoothie.

I wrote it after I wrote this http://amzn.to/1u5bkuv but that book is full of hangover cures as well. This recipe is just a little more “targeted.”

Hangovers are comprised of the following: dehydration, headache, inflamed stomach and digestive tract, and you’ve peed out a bunch of nutrients your body wants. (It’s not just brain cells that die in the name of good fun…) Your body needs to rebuild in a hurry if you are not going to lose this whole day to your merry-making from the day before.

You’ll need spinach and parsley to power-load nutrition, green tea, coconut water or nut milks for quick rehydration, Vitamin C to help your body metabolize alcohol, and bananas, honey and milk to coat your inflamed digestive tract. Good luck.

The Hangover Smoothie

Banana, honey and milk coat the digestive linings and lower inflammation. The lemon, spinach and parsley power-load some of the vitamins and minerals you released into the universe last night. Vitamin C from the lemon and greens will help your body metabolize the alcohol faster. Drink up.

1 ripe banana
1- 2 tablespoons raw honey
Juice of 1 lemon
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup parsley with stems
Cow, almond or cashew milk to cover
1-2 baby aspirins, crushed (optional)
2 teaspoons cinnamon

Put the banana, honey and lemon in the blender. Pulse. Add the spinach, parsley and milk to cover. Add the aspirin (if using) and the cinnamon. Turn the blender on and whirl, dropping ice through the top to make the drink cold and thick. Serve.

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This sandwich is whole wheat, peanut butter and sliced banana, three foods that have tryptophan (that calming amino acid found in turkey.) It is also in other foods; they’re just foods I prefer to drink.

When writing this http://amzn.to/1t5yxbC I learned that peanut and almond butter – any nut butter for that matter – relaxes, calms and stabilizes, so now I put 1/2 cup in my green smoothies. I just don’t want all the whole wheat bread, so I put the other things in my green smoothies.

That’s the beauty of the things: You can get a lot of HUGE nutrition in one single glass. Nut milks jack up the relaxing nature of your smoothie as well.

I can finally drink my healthy eating and that’s a good thing.

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Turns out that red grapes turn on three of your longevity genes. That’s right, the DNA that helps you live longer.

Grapes get your FoxOs, SirTis and PBEFs revving, those 3 genes that say so much about how long you will live. Sure everybody has heard of “the French paradox” – the red wine drinking that also magically keeps arteries clear – and resveratrol, a plant compound that is put in all kinds of products and sold everywhere from Sephora to GNC.

But it is the FoxOs…and SirTis….and the PBEFs you want to rev up….IF, that is, you’ve really invested well in your 401K. You’ll live forever!

I learned about grapes writing this thing http://amzn.to/1szhjZG Now I keep a sealed baggy of frozen red seedless grapes in my freezer and throw by the handful into my green smoothies every day.

I’m not Bridgette Bardot, but I ain’t bad.

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Turns out that, when it comes to fruit, some have more calming effects than others. I went googling around and found a study from Duke. They study food there a great deal and have a renowned weightloss center.

Anyway, would you believe plantains topped the list of fruit with serotonin? Not the green ones you fry and cover with hot sauce? The gushy black ones are best.The ones you can’t brush up against or they change shape. I find myself both drawn and repelled by them.

Here’s the list of the fruits that have the most calming effects:

1. Plantain, ripe
2. Pineapple
3. Banana
4. Kiwi
5 Plums

I didn’t know that when I wrote this http://amzn.to/1vkzaSm so I’m giving you a recipe now:


1 plantain, black, ultra-ripe, peeled and chunked
2 cups pineapple chunks or frozen, unsweetened
Coconut water to taste
3 kiwi, peeled and chunked
1 cup tender spinach leaves
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 tablespoon raw honey

Put the plantain, pineapple and a cup of coconut water in the blender. Combine. Add the kiwi, spinach, cinnamon, honey and more coconut water to cover. Whirl. With the motor running, drop ice cubes through the top of the blender.


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Recently, we all saw Ebola survivors donating their recently toughened blood to save the lives of those in the throes of this horrific thing. The antibodies created in the blood of survivors is injected into the sick. The sick then become well.

While there is no science to support this next theory (nobody but beekeepers can get rich), there is plenty of other evidence: Eating raw honey eases seasonal allergies. Just ask Grandma.

Why? Well, bees flit from flower to flower. The pollen sticks to their wee heads and legs and things. They fly home and work it into honey. Ingested raw (that’s always the kind of honey you want to buy: RAW), these bits of pollen and bee help your body build up resistance to the inflamed tubing some people call “Fall.”

I learned about all this while writing this: http://amzn.to/1t0kh3X It pretty much made the whole thing worth it because I eat raw honey now. I don’t lose 3 months a year to a horrific “cold” known as seasonal allergies.

RAW HONEY, dummy. Einstein KNEW.

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ME? LOOSE WEIGHT? Don’t come in here…how about you shut up…….

Fall is an interesting time to lose weight. I say switch one meal out for a all-liquid meal – find an example in here http://amzn.to/1upNJpC You may get hungry before the next meal. Who cares. Have another one of these. http://amzn.to/1upNJpC The nutrition is so big, you’ll feel full. Drink a lot of water. That’s what you’re made of, mostly. So you need a lot of it and it to keeps you from feeling hungry.

Fall also makes me think of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin. Cinnamon and apples. Turns out that a teaspoon and a half actually slows the rate your stomach digests food, making you feel full longer. Use it. Scientists are to find the next wave of treatments for the chronically obese, a huge problem in American. (And yes, I saw that with a straight face.)

Fall Cinnamon Banana Green Smoothie
To make this really sing, all the ingredients should begin cold and the ice omitted. However, many use ice. images

1/2 banana, chunked
1/4 avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced
Unsweetened Almond Milk to taste
2 – 3 teaspoons cinnamon
1 cup young spinach leaves
2 tablespoons ground flax
Ice to taste

Whirl the banana and avocado with a little almond milk. Add the cinnamon, spinach and flax. Process, dropping ice through the top with the motor running.